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The Area

  • Swim and relax in your private patio pool

  • Go fishing nearby

  • Stroll on the sandy Pacific beach

  • Try out surfing or skimboarding

  • Scuba dive in Manzanillo

  • Enjoy eating, drinking, and dancing under the Mexican Sun! 


Local scenery

Authentic and Safe

Melaque is a truly Mexican experience; you won’t see any giant nightclubs or Walmart's​ here...


Walking around

The area is filled with quaint restaurants and authentic Mexican experiences. The entire community can be explored by foot [or bike]. The nearby air markets in the town square always have activity!


Accessible & Nearby

Nearby Barra de Navidad (2km) and La Manzanilla (18km) are niche neighbouring communities that are a short cab ride and the fully accessible beach village of Cuastecomtae is only 4km away!

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